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For new capsule, the third since the launch of the label Yseult in 2021, creator and founder Perrine Bourguignon remains true to her values: perfect cuts which are easy to interpret and wear; fresh, vibrant colours; soft, natural and light fabrics. This season, Perrine has designed an exclusive print, which has become the central feature of this wardrobe. One that lives and breathes happy days.

The Sea Gold print, a key feature of the Fresh capsule, is based on a personal drawing by Perrine. Deeply rooted in these unsettled times, yet also searching for meaning and poetry, the creator has drawn inspiration from nature for this capsule, with its profoundly organic aesthetic. The colours and fragile nature of corals, the symbolism, the blend of strength and wisdom of the ocean floor, have presented her with an imaginary place for playing and experimentation. Far from being a fleeting fashion, this summer wardrobe gives the Yseult woman a kind of uplifting reassurance.

About the textile components of our exclusive Sea Gold print

The Sea Gold print was made on a 100% cupro fabric, 49% of which is recycled fiber.

What is cupro? It is an artificial fiber: an artificial material is derived from plant materials that have undergone a treatment (mechanical or chemical) to extract the fibers. This fiber is obtained by making undergo a chemical treatment to the Linter of Cotton. This one is nothing else than a waste of the textile industry. The cotton linters correspond to the small seeds that are in the cotton balls and that cannot be woven as is. As a result, most manufacturers throw them away. However, thanks to a chemical treatment, this cotton linter can be transformed to become a fiber and thus offer multiple uses. The cupro is thus designated as an artificial fiber due to this chemical transformation, but it remains that the extracted material is 100% of vegetable origin. Cupro is ecological when it is produced in a closed circuit: the water and chemicals used are recycled and reused until they are almost completely exhausted. The production of cupro for the FRESH capsule is certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard) which guarantees that the materials and products used in the manufacture of the product are indeed recycled.

The exploitation of cotton is very greedy, whether it is in water or in energy... At Yseult, we are therefore delighted to be able to exploit the cotton ball at 100%.

Light and silky like silk, Cupro inspires a chic and elegant side. It is a very pleasant material to wear, cupro is breathable, fluid and thermoregulatory. It is an easy-care material: the pieces can be machine washed at 30°c. We advise you to avoid the tumble dryer, and rather let your clothes dry in the open air, on a hanger.

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About Yseult

Yseult is a product of Perrine Bourguignon’s imagination, the founder of this poetic brand, rooted in the here and now. Passionate about design and creation, Perrine studied fashion in Belgium before launching her own venture. Yseult is a free woman, who likes to break boundaries. Fun, mischievous, easy-going, ethical too, but without preaching. Yseult believes fashion is playful, an expression of how we feel that day. For Yseult, beauty is a bastion... optimism, a mantra. Dressing women with the same grace, a tint of nonchalance, and real depth. Yseult is an art de vivre, the embodiment of a feel-good spirit.

Our values

Long-lasting and quality pieces for a sustainable clothing style. Yseult believes fashion should be ethical, without the fuss. Admiration for the product, produced in small series. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The collections feed our creative instinct, they are close to our community.

Designed and developped in Belgium and then produced in Europe, the label collections exhibit simple and inspiring fits. A Yseult wardrobe is designed to charm. Comfortable and comforting, with soothing fabrics like a spring day.

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